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Cutting Ribbon

Ribbon Cuttings



Congratulations on having a reason to host a ribbon cutting! Whether you are just opening

your doors or expanding to a new location, it’s a very exciting time for your business or

organization. The Alachua Chamber is truly honored to be a part of your big day.

Ribbon Cutting ceremonies are the perfect way to celebrate a:

  •  Grand opening

  •  Expansion

  •  New Location

  •  Rebrand

  •  Anniversary

Coordinating a Ribbon Cutting:

At the Alachua Chamber, we are happy to help you coordinate your Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Advanced notice: We recommend scheduling your Ribbon Cutting at least two weeks in

advance, preferably longer, to ensure that the Chamber and local officials can attend. When

possible, we ask that you give us 2-3 date/time options to ensure coordination of schedules.

  • Time: The best time to schedule a Ribbon Cutting is on a Monday-Thursday between the hours

of 9am-4pm. This ensures that Chamber representatives, as well as City officials can attend.

Night and weekend events are difficult because of other professional/personal commitments.

Coordinating with the City: The Chamber will contact the City of Alachua to coordinate with

them and invite officials to attend.

  • Supplies: The Chamber will provide ceremonial scissors and a large ribbon for you to cut.

Marketing & Promotion: The Chamber will assist you in promoting your Ribbon Cutting to the

Chamber members through our weekly email blast. Your event can be open to the public or

small and intimate with only invited guests. That’s entirely up to you! They work well either



Preparing for your Ribbon Cutting:

 Think about who you would like to attend your Ribbon Cutting. You can keep it small or

make it a big event. We suggest inviting the local media (a great way to do this is by

writing and issuing a press release).

  •  Let the Chamber know if you want us to post it on our Facebook page.


  •  If you chose to make this a grand event, be sure to share the event on social media

(including creating a Facebook event that we will share), the homepage of your website

and email blasts.

  •  The best spot to cut the ribbon is in front of a sign, door or wall that has your company

name or logo. This makes for a great photo opportunity.

  •  Consider designating someone to take photos of the ceremony for you.

  •  Think about who you would like to be in the photo with you. The business owner or

manager will be the person who holds the scissors and cuts the ribbon. City officials and

any State Legislators in attendance should also be invited to join you. You may also want

to include the Chamber, family members, and staff. Please keep in mind that two

people will have to hold the ends of the ribbon.

  •  You may want to have brief comments prepared to share with your guests after you cut

the ribbon. Some businesses like to provide refreshments and a tour for their guests.

This is not a requirement, but it’s a nice touch.

  •  Be sure to have your Alachua Chamber membership paid and up to date. Ribbon

cuttings are a service reserved for members only.


Remember, the Alachua Chamber is here to help you along the way! Please reach out so we

can ensure that your Ribbon Cutting goes off without a hitch!

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